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ClickWinks provides the single window solution for both Advertiser and Affiliates. ClickWinks is pooling the inventory from thousands of websites, getting them on a common platform and offering the advertisers a single window solution with complete control of their campaigns. This provides a big break to the limitations of Internet advertising. Our fast easy-to-understand Ad Platform will have you ready to promote your business in a few simple steps. ClickWinks is helping the advertisers by finding them smart inventory for their growing needs.

+ Fraud Control: 

ClickWinks is the Network that is very much keen in restricting Fraud leads, sales, clicks and impressions. If our platform notices fraud from any of the Affiliate then we suspend the affiliate immediately and legal actions will be taken on that Affiliate.

+ ClickWinks offers for the advertisers:

• No monthly fixed charges

• Multiple campaigns from one account

• Geo targeted advertising

• Fraud control duplicate IP signature

• Fraud control unique order signature

• Secure live order logging

• Live stats for impressions, clicks, leads, and sales

Advertisers, Why to join ClickWinks.com Affiliate Network?

ClickWinks.com, Pioneer in Pay for Performance Online Advertising Network.

Advertisers reach the extra mile with us for targeted and qualified customers.

Single window solution for Advertisers to reach millions of targeted customers through 1000s of individual Web Affiliates.

Advertisers create their own customized banner campaigns and text campaigns to promote.

+ Types of Ads Available:

CPA (Cost per Action)

• CPC (Cost per Click)

• CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions)

• Video Ads

• CPA (Cost per Action):

• Generate highly-qualified leads on a massive scale through 1000s of Affiliatevia Network of Publishers.

• CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions):

• Drive results using all standard display advertising and rich media formats with superior targeting and optimization.

• CPC (Cost per Click):

• Now advertisers can also create CPC banner ads & text ads and can pay for every click.

+ Video ads:
• Engage your audience with in-stream and in-banner video advertising.